PR & publicity

PR and Publicity

Jansen Communications provides a full-service, starting with the concept and topic research, editorial work, to the proactive contact to trade media. Our services at one glance:

  • Organization and implementation of press conferences and background meetings
  • Case studies (including an interview, research and writing)
  • Drafting press releases as well as launching articles on a daily basis
  • Negotiating fees and preprints in magazines and newspapers
  • Establishing and cultivating contact with journalists, opinion leaders, authors (horizontal + vertical press distribution list)
  • Drafting articles for different publications and trade media in accordance to press distribution list
  • Media training
  • Planning and realizing travel events
  • Ideas, concepts and realization of media-effective and in accordance with the target audience projects with journalist, scientific and public establishments
  • Conception, planning and realization of expert groups, seminars and conferences
  • Presentation of programs at editor visits and customer events
  • Relaunch and editorial services of customer newspapers
  • Acquisition of regional and national cooperation partner and with that multipliers

The agency is also available for drafting project-based reference article.