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Hamilton releases new ArcAir software version

Simplified operation and numerous new features

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International partners visited AKL-tec

Pallet Dimensioning Days provided

a platform for exchange of expertise

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BioProduction Congress in Dublin –

the ideal platform for Hamilton


Company sets the focus on

industry-specific sensor solutions

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Optical dissolved oxygen sensor in hazardous areas

optimizes production of sensitive agents

Spanish API manufacturer relies on Hamilton sensors

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The mixture of a lecture from an expert,

SlimLane and ParkPlus convinced trade visitors



Automatic Systems drew positive conclusions

following the SicherheitsExpo


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Hamilton presents analog conductivity sensor

Conducell UPW expands the extensive sensor portfolio

targeted communication is the Alpha and Omega

Jansen Communications is a PR and marketing consultancy and agency, which is exclusively specialized in technically orientated niche markets and their highly complex subjects. Next to companies in the IT and IT security sector, Jansen Communications assists clients from the fire and explosion protection as well as from the industry field. The focus of the communication consultancy and support in the industrial segment lies on plastics and metal processing, automation, machinery and plant engineering as well as on the field of measurement and control technology. The Jansen Communications team acquires a deep knowledge concerning the client’s special topics and convinces with its expertise.


Hamilton Bonaduz AG has launched a new version of the ArcAir software that takes the monitoring and control of Arc sensors to a new level.

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The AKL-tec GmbH hosted once again the Pallet Dimensioning Days. International partners took part in this year’s event at the beginning of September, which was held – fitting the event - in a technology museum.

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Once again, the BioProduction Congress in Dublin is an attractive exhibition platform for the Hamilton Bonaduz AG regarding their broad product portfolio for biotechnological processes.

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Sulfur is an essential component of all living cells. It is present in the form of the amino acids cysteine and methionine in many polypeptides, proteins and enzymes. The pharmaceutical industry utilizes the different physiological properties of sulfur-containing compounds to produce drugs based on sulfonamides, thio-ethers and sulfones to treat various diseases.

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The booth of Automatic Systems - the expert for turnstiles and barrier systems – attracted a great deal of attraction with its combination of specialist lecture as well as presentation of the exhibits ParkPlus and SlimLane.

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